Concerns raised about Clane's Nancy’s Lane hedgerow


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Concerns raised about Clane's Nancy’s Lane hedgerow

Member of the Clane Community Council

Clane Community Council has expressed concern over removal of vegetation at Nancy’s Lane housing project.

At its recently monthly meeting, secretary, John Kennedy confirmed that he had made a submission to the county council.

Westin Homes Ltd have permission to build houses at the Abbotsfield development which is near Nancy’s Lane.

In it’s current submission, It wants to make some alterations to previous permissions.

A number of these have been granted, including via Bord Pleanala.

Two submission have been made on the hedgerow, from John Kennedy and Finbar D’Arcy.

Mr Kennedy said a significant area of the Nancy Lane area requires a protection and buffer zone under the Clane Local Area Plan 2017-2023. A zone of 50 metres is required to the south.

But Mr Kennedy said there was a lot of hedgerow removed and damage.

He told the council that this needs to be replaced.

The Clane plan required Nancy’s Lane to be a greenway and its hedgerow is high value.

He said the hedgerow should be replaced with the appropriate planting of native species under the supervision of a suitably qualified ecologist.

He said the boundary of the housing development should allow light into hedgerow and avoid further damage. Mr Kennedy also said that portions of the new landscape should not be seeded but should allow wildflower seeds already in the top soil. Mr D’Arcy said it was great to see that there was no unauthorised encampments in the area but he too was concerned about the hedgerow.