More disabled parking spaces needed in Clane

Illegal parking in disabled parking spaces a huge problem

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


More disabled parking spaces needed in Clane

Geraldine Masterson with John Bracken and Clane garda Shane Smyth at the disabled park event

There is a need for additional disabled parking spaces in Clane but the locally based Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) resource centre has called on the public to respect parking spaces designated for disabled drivers and not park in them without a permit.

On February 25, the IWA centre held an event at its Resource Centre in Clane to raise awareness about the issue.

The session, which was attended by gardai, county council staff and others, heard about great stress to the IWA’s 20,000 strong membership by the abuse of disabled parking spaces by the general public.

Eileen O’Brien of the IWA, Clane, said that simple tasks such as going shopping or meeting a friend for a coffee is an ongoing challenge because too often these spaces are occupied by people who do not have a disability, many of whom can often be very aggressive to people who wish to highlight their inappropriate parking.

Tony Maher of the IWA, Clane, said that Clane has a significant problem but enforcement has increased recently with fines of €150 being imposed.

He also said that family members of disabled people were not permitted to use the permits of their disabled family members unless they were accompanying the them to events or locations.

Garda Shane Smyth, Clane, was among those who gave a presentation on Dublin based Operation Enable and their strategy for enforcement in the Clane area to keep the spaces free for those who really need the places.