OPERATION TRANSFORMATION: A great reason to say goodbye to Jean Tierney

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Dr Eddie Murphy


Dr Eddie Murphy



OPERATION TRANSFORMATION: A great reason to say goodbye to Jean Tierney

Dr Eddie with Jean Tierney

Operation Transformation viewers heard the biggest and best news ever last week — Limerick leader Jean Tierney has dropped out of the show’s food and exercise plan, as she is pregnant.

My previous counselling session advising Jean that the bedroom was for sleep and for sex turned out to be prophetic!

I was bursting with protective emotions and thoughts for Jean. It was an incredible poignant moment when Jean told the experts and leaders of her pregnancy.

The way Jean handled this new-found situation was so classy. This leader previously suffered an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage, and lost her baby girl Sloane shortly after her birth.

For an Operation Transformation perspective, Jean will always be part of the OT 2019 family. Her smile lit up the nation and will never be forgotten.

All the experts are still there to offer guidance and support to Jean, and already Aoife has provided advice on good foods for her to eat during early pregnancy.

Leaders challenge

Davy, Sarah, Wayne, Mary and Felicity all turned up for the Operation Transformation 2018 v 2019 walking football challenge.

What was very powerful and hard to capture on TV and in writing is that all the players wore the weight they lost in weighted-vests.

For Davy and Wayne, their vests felt like bales of briquettes. What really hit me is how our weight can creep up unnoticed. If you had to carry the extra amount around outside of your body, it would make you seriously think. you carried it external to you, it would make you seriously think

Did you go to the pharmacy last Thursday and get your basal metabolic age measured? The country was talking about this last week after we measured Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, 40, whose ‘true’ metabolic age turned out to be 53.

I was in the same company as the Taoiseach as I too trended older, so its time to add some resistance training into my adhoc fitness regime.

Here’s how our leaders got on during Week Six of Operation Transformation

Pamela Swayne. Age: 36. Youghal, Co Cork. Target 3lbs. Lost 3lb

Her weight loss this week was a great achievement for Pam. There was no distraction this week and being the lightest leader in week six to hit this target is admirable.

I questioned Pam about her long terms goals, post-OT.

Pam wants to be “hot as feck” — however, I am not sure this would be great in the context of long-term sustainable goals.

Now is the time for the leaders to look into putting into place the building blocks for long-term activity, weight management and fun. Pam is going to focus on joining her local athletics club.

Cathal Gallagher.
Age: 48. Ballyshannon, Co Donegal. Target 4lbs. Lost 11lbs

It was a huge weight loss number this week for Cathal, the biggest ever leader on Operation Transformation. At this point, he has lost two stone of fat and eight inches off his waist.

Of course we want to see sustainable weight loss, so slow and steady is the way to go for Cathal.

The blue light family / first responders came out in force with ambulance service paramedic Cathal last week.

In his line of work, Cathal is exposed to more trauma than most. When we feel threatened, we can resort to comforting ourselves with food and alcohol.

I will report next week on why Cathal’s weight has fluctuated over the years and explore his tripwires, as my planned trip to Cathal last week was switched to go and see Siobhan.

Siobhán O’Brien. Age: 30 Clonsilla, Dublin 15. Target 3lbs. Lost 5lbs.

Siobhan blasted her 3lbs target with a 5lb weight loss. Altogether she has lost 1.5 stone and one stone in fat to date.

My house visit to Siobhan explored her negative core beliefs. I think when we uncover core beliefs we can address them. This is my biggest message — become aware of those inaccurate assumptions then replace them with ones that are compassionate.

Paul Murphy Age: 41 Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo Target 3lbs Lost 4lbs

We are en-route with Paul. He joined OT to lose weight, and ended up getting a lifestyle makeover into the bargain!

In fairness, I would have failed if his stress and work/life balance were left unresolved. Paul, I believe, has great intelligence and insight and want to plot a course where his lovely wife and children, and not his work, are central to his life.

Bobby Kerr, business guru is en route to see Paul, and will assist in helping him become more strategic in the business as opposed to purely putting hours in being busy, but not productive. A great sign was that Paul set up a personal phone number for himself — setting boundaries between work and life.

My biggest learning this week was how the incremental power of making consistent changes can accumulatively impact on health and wellness.

On a personal note UCD have appointed me an Adjunct Associate Professor at UCD School of Psychology.

Wow, what an honour — I never thought I would see that day, but there you are!

I invite you to join us on the Operation Transformation Journey each Wednesday on RTE 1 at 9.30pm.