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KILDARE JOBS ALERT: Fancy working in a chocolate factory - Lily O'Brien's are hiring

Food Service Executive

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter



KILDARE JOBS ALERT: Fancy working in a chocolate factory

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Lily O’Brien’s are currently looking to recruit for the following position - Executive – Food Service.

This is a full time contract and the closing date for applications is February 19. The successful candidate will be working with the Account Manager – Food Service.

They would be accountable for the Lily O’Brien’s operational activity relating to Food Service, the area of our business that focuses on the travel industry. This includes, customer service, supply chain requirements and working closely with internal departments on new and existing contracts.

They will also be tasked with ensuring the operation has the right product available to meet the customer’s needs, working with the company's operational teams to manage planning, production, packaging, and shipping on a day to day basis.

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