Clane's Abbey building repair plan closer to completion


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Clane's Abbey building repair plan closer to completion

The Abbey - long term plan needed

Clane Community Council is moving nearer to bringing forward a long-term goal of doing much-needed repairs to its historic Abbey building.

The building, which has a prominent place in the town landscape, has had to undergo emergency repair at a number of points in recent times.

In 2017, work was done on the stage area and fortunately, Clane Musical and Dramatic Society continues to be able to use the building for both rehearsals and shows.

Last year there was a contribution from a local group who use a room in the Abbey, the Evergreens.

They managed to get €12,000 from government for funding for repairs to the roof of the room they use on a regular basis. That enabled the roof to be plastered and other repairs carried out to it. The Community Council spent €1,930 from its own funds on that.

Speaking at the community council AGM on January 28, chairman Paul Carroll said the executive committee was “close to putting the final touches for a funding application for proper support for the Abbey”.

Mr Carroll said that even a small amount of work on the Abbey costs a lot of money. Of the annual financial report by treasurer, Martine Grogan, the chairman said the council was grateful for money from the Courts Service.

The accounts showed that the amount received from that source in 2018 was €4,150.

He said the council was in good financial standing but the money available was small compared to what was needed.

He said they hoped the Leader fund would support a comprehensive long term plan for the building.