Sinn Féin pushes for greater investment in Newbridge

Traffic problems highlighted

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Sinn Féin pushes for greater investment in Newbridge


Sinn Féin has called for greater investment for Newbridge.

The party contacted the National Transport Agency (NTA) to push for more action.

The NTA acknowledged that Newbridge, which is the largest town in county Kildare, “currently suffers from significant traffic congestion”.

“This has led to demands for action from local public representatives. While local authorities are responsible for traffic management in their administrative areas, the NTA has a role in the strategic planning of transport in the Greater Dublin Area, which includes Kildare,” it said.

“Following discussions between the NTA and Kildare County Council, it was determined that the NTA would take the lead role in the preparation of a multi-modal transport plan for Newbridge containing proposals for improvements to traffic management, public transport, cycling and walking.”

It pointed out a draft Newbridge Transport Plan has now been finalised and the council will put the draft plan on public display in the near future and seek feedback from all interested parties.

“Following the conclusion of the public consultation process, the council and the NTA will consider the feedback and the need for changes to the draft plan. Kildare County Council has also signaled that it will consider incorporating the final proposals into a revised Local Area Plan for Newbridge,” said the NTA.

In response, local Sinn Féin representative, Noel Connolly said: “Cllr Mark Lynch has pushed Newbridge forward in the council and consistently identified the fact that investment into Newbridge over other towns in the county was way behind.

“Newbridge is not a second town to Naas, it is county Kildare’s main town. I welcome the NTA acknowledging that Newbridge suffers from significant traffic congestion and the fact that Newbridge is Kildare’s biggest town. A fact many in politics seem to forget.”

He added: “Sinn Féin welcomes the plan but the question of when this is going to happen was not addressed. Newbridge needs action now and waiting any longer, as proposed by some in Fianna Fail, is not acceptable. Both Mark Lynch and I will work together to ensure Newbridge is prioritised after being forgotten about for so long. This NTA plan to address Newbridge traffic issues needs to happen now and I urge action.”