Kildare autioneer outlines local land market outlook for 2019

With uncertainty over Brexit sensible decision making remains key for success

Clive Kavanagh


Clive Kavanagh


Kildare autioneer outlines local land market outlook for 2019

Clive Kavanagh

Nothing curtails business in general more than uncertainty and unfortunately Brexit brings all that, writes Clive Kavanagh of Jordan Auctioners and Chartered Surveyors

It is difficult to determine how the market will perform but clarity on the major issue will provide a clearer pathway for people to make some decisions.

It is without doubt one of the biggest impacts to hang over the market for some time as predictions on future viability of farming enterprises will come to the fore, now more than ever before, with possible WTO tariffs likely to impact the agricultural sector more than any other.

Obviously confidence within an industry is an important factor in lands sales and prices but this is perhaps less so in Ireland than other European countries.

In Ireland there are many other emotive and additional factors that affect the price of land and serve to keep it at a relatively high base value.

One of these is obviously the limited supply of agricultural land traded on a yearly basis (0.5% of total land area). An interesting statistic is that the average field in Ireland gets sold once every 400 years outside of a family compared to once every 70 years in France!

It is our general opinion that while prices may be volatile there will still be trade.

Farmers remain hugely ambitious, prepared to work whatever hours needed to make ventures viable but informed and sensible decision making is still a key ingredient for success, now more than ever as we enter choppy waters.

Clive Kavanagh, MSCSI, MRICS is a Director of Jordan Auctioneers & Chartered Surveyors who has been involved in the sale of agricultural land and country properties for the last 16 years and works directly with Paddy Jordan. Clive can be contacted in the office on 045 – 433550 or