KILDARE MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS: Leaders are halfway home in Operation Transformation

Dr Eddie Murphy gives his views

Dr Eddie Murphy


Dr Eddie Murphy


KILDARE MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS: Leaders are halfway home in Operation Transformation

Structure is important for leader Pamela Swayne, according to Dr Eddie

We are half way there already on this year’s Operation Transformation journey.

Here’s all the ins and outs from the Castle last week, but before we get there, just to let you know that all the leaders, including myself climbed the Sugar Loaf mountain in Wicklow.

I brought my children, who are aged 9 and 11, and up that beautiful mountain we went. We went with resolutions in hand — for me it was health, happiness and family. That’s my focus for 2019. It’s turning those resolutions into actionable goals that’s key.

The Mountain in your Life

Mountains are a metaphor for the challenges we all experience in our lives. When we are confronted with a height, a sometimes have to face our biggest fears and find ways of overcoming them.

Through this overcoming or avoidance, we learn more about ourselves. When we strive and push ourselves, we learn about our potential. We are required to learn new skills and new knowledge in order to move safely and with freedom.

We learn to read the “terrain” — just as, in life, we need to understand what’s around us. We learn as a shared activity that we need to trust others as this is required for our survival.

On mountains we see new horizons and new summits; new opportunities or new insights into what we have seen before. Find your mountain, climb it, overcome it!

Here’s how the Operation Transformation leaders did last week.

Jean Tierney. Age: 33. Bruff, Co Limerick

Jean has a smile that melts the nation. For Jean, she wants to take control of her own body and her own future.

This is all very exciting and with her wedding in the near future, Jean is trying to lose seven inches off her waist. With the help of Karl’s exercise program, Jean is losing a pound a week.

My life coaching session with Jean is happening so its going to be out on telly this week. I hope you too can get something from this.

Pamela Swayne. Age: 36. Youghal, Co Cork

Pamela hit her target for weight loss last week and was greatly relieved.

For Pam its about getting structure in her week.

The more structure and planning, the better the outcomes regarding weight loss and sustaining that over the long term.

I think Karl will be having words with Pam about three dogs being part of her exercise routine.

Cathal Gallagher.
Age: 48. Ballyshannon, Co Donegal

It was another great week for Cathal, losing 6 lbs and exceeding his target.

Cathal did well on the mountain climb, considering he struggles on inclines.

However, Cathal has many more mountains to climb as his risk of heart attack or stroke, as assessed by Dr Sumi, was 25% within a 10 year period.

That’s high — imagine 100 people of similar age, weight, and with Type II diabetes in that group. Twenty-five of those would get these cardiovascular illness in a decade.

Siobhán O'Brien.
Age: 30. Clonsilla, Dublin 15

Siobhan, the ex-athlete is looking to take up a new sport that combines, exercise, being part of a group, and community — so it’s soccer for our leader.

It’s never too late to try something new. I recommend every three years that you take up something different, for example set dancing, bridge, a book club, etc. See it like a menu and sample — you never know what you might like.

Paul Murphy. Age: 41. Tubbercurry, Co Sligo

I do worry a lot about Paul. In effect, he is experiencing being burnt-out, whereby a person becomes completely exhausted through overwork.

Essentially, burn-out is a state of chronic stress. His stress is one experienced by business owners all over Ireland.

He can’t see the wood from the trees and his default mode is to go back to work.

If Paul is asked to come off the treadmill — that is take a day off — he says it causes him more stress. When we work, work, work, we don’t have awareness of our body. This can lead to accident or injury as we are not aware of what is going on.

I genuinely feel for Paul. His transformation cannot be complete if he just loses weight and maintains the same punishing schedule.

After all what is life all about? More mountains to cross!

I invite you to join us on the Operation Journey each Wednesday on RTE 1 at 9.30pm.