KILDARE ANIMAL FOUNDATION: Can you give our cats a home?

Cute kittens

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


KILDARE ANIMAL FOUNDATION: Can you give our cats a home?

We need a home

It’s all about cats this week as we prepare for kitten season ahead, so find out how you can do your bit to stop the suffering and neglect that goes on for kittens and cats every year.

Also, if you can offer a cat a loving home then please read on.

Act Now!

In the coming weeks, cat mating season will start in earnest. We implore you to have your cats neutered.

Cat rescues cannot cope with the huge numbers of unwanted kittens we are asked to take each year.

If you are feeding a cat, she will more than likely have her kittens on your property.

Any information on neutering that you need is available. Simply leave your number on our call-back service (045 522929) and we will contact you to answer any query you may have.

Older Cats

We have several older cats in the 5+ age group. They are happy, well-adjusted cats who do not deserve to be in a shelter. They were let down by heartless owners and dumped.

It is not easy for them to share a home with 30 other cats. Loving homes are always needed.


Rufi is a two-year-old. He is a wonderful little cat.

When he came into us as a kitten, one of his front legs was badly injured. Although our vet tried everything to save the leg, it was not to be.

Rufi needs a loving home. He is always passed over when people see he has three legs.

He is fit and well. If you would like to adopt him or any of our cats, please call us on 045522929 or visit us anyway between 2-4pm.


As the cold weather is here to stay for another while, we are on the lookout for blankets, sheets and towels for the animals at our shelter.

If you can help, please do drop them to the shelter any day you can.