KILDARE ANIMAL FOUNDATION UPDATE: Baby leverets arrive at Foundation

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Dan Donoher


Dan Donoher


KILDARE ANIMAL FOUNDATION UPDATE: Baby leverets arrive at Foundation

A baby Leveret

It’s only the middle of January and we have already seen the admission of two leverets, around a month or so earlier than in previous years.

The mild weather is the reason why animals might be favouring to breed a bit earlier.

The first leveret of the season to arrive here at Kildare Animal Foundation came from Cavan. The finder’s dog brought the only days-old baby hare into the house. He had carried it, unhurt, in his mouth from a nearby field.

Due to the weather, and because we were unable to locate the area it came from and the possible risk of a tiny bite wound, we decided to take it in.

A volunteer close by took it in and is now hand rearing the little leveret.

It is thriving and will remain in our care for about ten weeks.

The other little one, found at a door step, weighed just 111 grams.

He was dehydrated and weak when found. A volunteer, who also happens to be a veterinary nurse picked him up and gave him first aid treatment.

After a couple of hours, he picked up and is continuing to do well.

He comes home with me every evening and gets fed four times a day until weaning.

Even though quite small when born, these wonderful creatures grow fast and by 10 weeks old, will be big enough to go back to the wild.


Fagan is a typical small terrier, full of energy and always exploring.

He loves to get out, so it is important that you have a well-secured area for him to walk and play.

Fagan would make a great companion to any family and probably be best suited as the only dog in the house.

If you are interested in adopting Fagan or any of our precious dogs and cats, please call us on 045 522929. Thank you.

Kildare Animal Foundation, located outside Kildare town, is a voluntary organisation that provides a safe haven for neglected or abused animals. Tel: 045 522929, email  or log on to All donations welcome.