Woman references 60 year old unsolved Kerry murder in Kildare case

Clane woman wanted Judge to reopen case

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Woman references 60 year old unsolved Kerry murder in Kildare case

The case was heard at Naas District Court yesterday

A Clane woman referenced an unsolved County Kerry murder in a presentation she made to Naas District Court yesterday when she appeared to answer a charge of public order at the Garda Station in Naas.

Siobhan Farrelly, 56, with an address listed as Moat Commons, Clane, pleaded guilty to the charge of engaging in threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour at the Garda Station in Naas on August 7 last.

The court heard that she entered the station on 10.20am that morning and sprayed perfume around and was abusive to Gardai and tore down posters.

In a statement, Ms Farrelly, who said that she is researcher, referred to the unsolved murder of a Kerry bachelor, Mossie Moore, in November 1958, and then apologised for what happened at the Garda Station.

Ms Farrelly explained that her behaviour was a prompted by an incident when she was unable to gain access to her home because a code had been changed.

She assured the court that this had not been a problem since then. She also declined to speculate who might have been responsible for that difficulty, saying she didn’t wish to incriminate anyone without evidence, although she indicated that a reference to the Mossie Moore case was relevant.

Judge Desmond Zaidan wasn’t entirely sure how to deal with the defendant.

“What do you suggest I do?” he asked.

“I suggest you reopen the case into the murder of Mossie Moore.”

"Are you related to Mossie?" he asked. 

She said she wasn't, that she was simply somebody who was interested in it.

Judge Zaidan said it wasn’t in his power to do so, but suggested to prosecuting Garda Srgt Brian Jacob would forward her concerns to the Garda Commissioner.

He also urged her to speak to Gardai herself about it.

Ms Farrelly has no previous convictions, and Judge Zaidan applied the Probation Act.