Only seven on trolleys in Naas Hospital this morning

But it's still the highest in the Greater Dublin Region

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Only seven on trolleys in Naas Hospital this morning

All seven were in the A&E

The INMO has reported that only seven people are on trolleys in Naas Hospital today, all of them in the A&E Department.

While the preferable number is zero, it’s a far cry from the 27 seen in one day in mid-November.

However, seven is the highest of all the hospitals in Dublin and the greater Dublin region, including St James (5), Blanchardstown (4), Vincent’s (6), Tallaght (6) and the Mater (4).

Every morning at 8am, INMO members count how many patients are waiting in the Emergency Department for a bed and how many are waiting in wards elsewhere in the hospital.

The INMO Trolley Watch counts the number of patients who have been admitted to acute hospitals, but who are waiting for a free bed. These patients are often being treated on trolleys in corridors, but they may also be on chairs, in waiting rooms, or simply wherever there’s space. The INMO started Trolley Watch in 2004.

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