It now costs an average of €1,193 to rent a home in Kildare

Highest rents in county in Celbridge/Leixlip

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


It now costs an average of €1,193 to rent a home in Kildare

High rents in Kildare

Average house or apartment rents in Kildare grew by 4.5% to €1,193 between the second and third quarter of this year, according to the latest Rent Index from the Rental Tenancies Board (RTB), released December 12.

The year on year increase was 8%.

The RTB rent figures represent new rent registrations with it and many not have any rises at all.

The RTB Rent Index is compiled in conjunction with the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).

The Index shows that nationally rent increases for existing tenancies (5.4%) were lower than those for new tenancies (8%) year-on-year.

The RTB said: “This indicates that Rent Pressure Zones are having a braking effect on the level of the increase.”

Kildare rents were, on average, 16% above the national average in Q3 of this year. It also found that county Kildare recorded a relatively high number of the new tenancies in the State.

The report for Q3 found that the highest average rent in the county was in the Celbridge-Leixlip area, €1394.41 or 24% above national average.

Next was Maynooth on €1,347.76 or 20% above national average.

It was followed by Naas (€1,319.13) which was almost 18% above national average.

Two other Kildare areas cited in the report were below national average, a figure which is affected by high number of tenancies and high rents in Dublin.

These were Kildare-Newbridge (€1,097.59) and Athy (€947.11).

Edenderry in County Offaly, just beyond the Kildare border, recorded average rents of €825.26, which is over 26% below the national average.

Carlow’s average in Q3 was, at  €817.58, similar to Edenderry.

The report noted that Carlow county and Laois were among the five fastest growing counties rent rise with double digit rises.