ASK THE KILDARE DOC: Let your inner child out to play this Christmas time

Dr Eddie gives his views

Dr Eddie Murphy


Dr Eddie Murphy


ASK THE KILDARE DOC: Let your inner child out to play this Christmas time

The Late Late Toy Show

The run-up to Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

Last Friday night week, the fire was on and we waited for Ryan to allow himself be open to a night of fun and extravaganza.

Maybe some year I might get lucky and win a ticket in the draw!

Of course Christmas has started in the shops but for me The Late Late Toy Show is the true start for Christmas.

Family Memories

Creating family memories is central to Christmas and the Toy Show is one such event. It’s all about connecting with each other.

It’s a national slumber, toy, singing, and dancing party. A time of year to forge family memories. Family traditions become part of the ‘language’ of the family; they help keep us connected, an expression of unity that strengthens family bonds.

They provide a sense of continuity and feelings of belonging.

They nurture and foster children’s stability and security, all supporting family wellbeing and emotional health.

December and the lead up to Christmas is your chance to bring out that most essential thing for wellbeing, your inner child.

We were all once children and still have that child dwelling within us.

For many it’s forgotten, yet it’s a healthy part of our creative adult personality, to remember that fun can be free and spontaneous with no guilt or anxiety.

Over the year it is often suppressed, denied, neglected rejected or even abandoned.

Society told us to grow up and reject childish things such as our inner child’s capacity for awe, innocence, joy, empathy, sensitivity and playfulness.

But hey presto, the magic of the Toy Show is that it allows you to become psychologically, not just chronologically, an adult by allowing your inner child soar.

With no judgement, your inner child is a great source of positive energy.

You can carry this positivity to all aspects of your life. This positive attitude towards life is the foundation of living a contented authentic life where you are your real self.

Unscripted Moments

For me it’s the unscripted moments that make the Toy Show magical. It’s the same in life.

Allow yourself to charter the unscripted water, get beyond your comfort zone because that’s where the magic happens.

For me the toys are only the props for the real magic dust of the Toy Show, its ability to bring the nation’s families together and enhance our wellbeing.

Take the opportunity to create other family traditions.

Use everyday routines such as bed time, taking a moment to talk, read or pray, snuggle up, or reflect on three good things that happened that day.

This ‘Three Good Things’ tradition helps you or your children orientate towards a positive and grateful outlook.

Positive Psychology shows that grateful people tend to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

When we strip it all back to memories and feelings, these memories centre around love, warmth, safety and nurturing.

As a parent, grandparent, uncle, or aunt this is the key emotional experience you are trying to create for your children to thrive. Its what as a society we need to blossom.

Thankfully, it’s not only for children. I love that my parents Joanie and Billy, with almost 160 year between them will also let their inner child out. They can’t wait.

A Tribe of Elves

All of Ireland on Toy Show night is a tribe engaged in magic making. Sprinkle some magic dust and let your inner child soar.

Dr Eddie Murphy runs a psychological and counselling service in Portarlington, Co Laois. If you are organising a speaker or training for school, community, voluntary, sporting or work groups, call Dr Eddie on 087 1302899 or go to dr.eddie.murphy.psychologist