Naas CBS students’ Green Fields rendition gets approval from singer Eric Bogle

A studio version may be recorded

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas CBS students’ Green Fields rendition gets approval from singer Eric Bogle

Rory Gavin, Will O'Sullivan, Lorcan Mooney, Ciaran Bell, Conor MacNamee, Kevin Singleton; (front row) Steven Smith, Owen Lloyd Hughes, Ben Nolan, Ethan Cotter, Samuel Sheehan, Colm Foley, Zach Hayes,

There may have been a shirt button or two open, a tie askew and a creased shirt tail hanging out in the original picture taken of the Naas CBS choir as they performed The Green Fields of France last month.

But no matter.

Their performance, their harmonic take on the song was an internet sensation.

As already reported, teacher Tara Heffernan gave one of the singers Kevin Singleton, the credit for coming up with the idea.

The Leaving Cert student, whose aviation exploits have featured in the columns of this newspaper, had a great great grandfather who participated in World War I, the subject of the iconic ballad.

Most of the approximately seventeen students who made the production will also take music as an exam subject in the forthcoming Leaving Cert tests in June.

They are all in the Naas CBS choir and were encouraged to do so by Ms. Heffernan.

Their recording was produced in the school’s assembly hall and proves that not everything that’s positive about school comes in the form of exam results or academic achievements.

“I think it’s fair to say that the lads will never forget the impact they have created and what they have learned.

“And that through our medium of heartfelt and honest music we can help spread very important messages to those that might like to listen,” added Ms. Heffernan.

Meanwhile after the performance “took off” via You Tube the song’s author, the Scottish-Australian singer and songwriter Eric Bogle contacted the school to offer his congratulations.

“He made contact on the school’s Facebook page and said he thought it was a beautiful creation,” said Ms. Heffernan.

It is also hoped the students will move from the assembly hall to make a more formal recording of the song in a studio setting.

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