Council says it has plans to tackle anti social behaviour after Naas complaints

Residents at Cois na Feadain want action

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Council says it has plans to tackle anti social behaviour after Naas complaints

Fire damaged property at Cois na Feadain, off Caragh Road, Naas

Kildare County Council has declined to comment on claims of anti social behaviour at Cois na Feadain in Naas.

It says it is “not in a position to comment in relation to any individual complaints of anti-social behaviour, as this is a confidential process”.

“In recognition that managing local authority housing stock can be challenging at times, Kildare County Council has an Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy. This strategy aims to eliminate anti-social behaviour in local authority housing and, in this regard, adopts a proactive approach in the development of communities. Encouraging tenant participation in our estates and fostering the development of balanced communities is key to the prevention of anti-social behavour. In this regard Kildare County Council works in co-operation with other agencies, including An Garda Siochana.”

Residents in the estate say they are being held to ransom by the anti social behaviour of a small group of young men.They are are angry because they believe that neither KCC nor the gardai have done enough to tackle the problem. Bins have been burned, an attempt was made to set fire to a car and alcohol is being consumed sometimes in broad daylight in public.

“We are talking about a small group of people and we know them but while we have been on to Kildare County Council since May nothing has happened. We want the council to act and we want the gardai to act,” a resident told the Leader.

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