Dog carers wanted at Kildare Animal Foundation

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Dan Donoher


Dan Donoher


Dog carers wanted at Kildare Animal Foundation

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Do you love dogs just as much as we do? Do you want to be able to care for these four-legged friends.

We are delighted to be able to offer dog carer volunteer positions at the shelter.

This is a must-do for animal lovers with some time to give. Roles will include feeding, caring and helping prepare dogs going to new homes.

We have over 30 beautiful dogs of all shapes and sizes at the shelter at the moment. If you would like more info please do email us –

Caring for Hedgehogs

The days and nights are getting colder, and winter, you have arrived.

Hedgehogs have now almost completed their preparations for their hibernation.

Nests have been built and their fat supplies are at the maximum.

However, not all hedgehogs are ready for a safe and healthy sleep.

There are lots of autumn juveniles out and about.

Hedgehogs born late in September and have not had a chance to grow and put on enough fat for the winter months.

Just last week, we wrote about a little hoglet that weighed just 60 grammes, who was found in Newbridge.

That’s 540 grams less than she needs to be able to survive until spring.

This is the smallest ever hoglet we have had at this time of year. The kind finder kept her overnight until she could be brought to us.

She is doing well, and we are very hopeful she will make it now. She is just one of the many hedgehogs we will care for over the following few months.

If you find a hedgehog wondering around at this time of year try to measure their weight, if it is safe to do so.

If they weigh anything less than the recommended weight, then please call for help.

If it’s not possible for you to judge their weight, then put an item beside the hedgehog and take a picture, and send it into us and we can judge if it needs our help.

If you find a hedgehog out in the daylight, then this animal needs help straight away.

Gather a cardboard box or cat carrier and line it with newspaper. Place a towel over the hedgehog and scoop it up gently and place it in the box.

Keep it somewhere warm and quiet until you can get him to us or a rescue centre. You can help hedgehogs and other night time wildlife by leaving out meaty cat food, aswel as dried cat food and a shallow dish of water each evening.