Presidency novel author has strong links to Naas

Jacqui Dunne writes about man who runs for presidency

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Presidency novel author has strong links to Naas

Author Jacqui Kelly with RTE newscaster, Eileen Dunne

Jacqui Kelly, a woman with strong Naas connections, has written her first novel A Man of Some Importance about a lawyer who decides to run for President of Ireland — just in time for the real thing.

His name is Patrick Devoy Kavanagh. In public he is a man at the top of his game – a celebrity lawyer, chat-show regular and a patron of numerous children’s charities.

Behind the scenes he is drowning in debt, his legal practice is haemorrhaging clients and his personal assistant is expecting his child. A run for the job of President of Ireland is on the cards.

After all he has all the skills, he can talk for Ireland and it would sort out his money issues. So he begins the process of securing four nominations from the county councils.

The question is whether he will succeed or will his inconvenient past get in his way?

The author is a solicitor whose grandparents were from Naas. They lived in Highland view.

Her grandad George Kane was a garda in Naas. He came there from Carlow in 1930. He lived in Naas for the rest of his life and died there in the early nineties. He had 4 children -—Sheila, Eithne, Dermot and Michael. Sheila (Jacqui’s mother) and Eithne moved to Dublin.

Michael continued to live in Naas as do many of his children and grand children. Michael Kane started working at the Leinster Leader at the age of 14 in 1945 and continued to work there up as the works manager until his retirement in 1996.

Jacqui’s uncle, Dermot Kane lives in Johnstown in Kildare where he and his wife run a riding school (Toberton Lodge). His wife is Mary Buckley, a sister of Pat Buckley who rode the 66/1 winner of the Aintree Grand National in 1963.