Insurance concerns for residents in Newbridge fire hit estate

Millfield residents ask council for help

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Insurance concerns for residents in Newbridge fire hit estate

File photo of fire damaged homes

A local councillor has asked Kildare County Council whether a mechanism or fund is available to assist residents of Millfield in Newbridge with structural repairs to make their homes insurable.

At the October Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District meeting, Cllr Morgan McCabe said residents are “feeling neglected” and some houses are being declined insurance, because they are not up to spec.

Six terraced homes in Millfield were gutted by fire in fifteen minutes in 2015.

A case study released in August 2017 found the homes were ‘not in comapliance with building regulations’.

A report issued by Kildare County Council said: “There is no mechanism or fund available, to the residents of Millfield, either locally or nationally to assist in structural repairs to their houses.

“Under the Building Control Act, the primary responsibility for compliance with Building Regulations is placed on the owner, designers and constructors of a building.

“Prior to the sale of a property, a buyer would have been required to engage a professional architect and engineer to certify the building is in compliance.

“It would be expected that any serious defects should have been detected then,” the report said.