Naas woman’s English Channel swim

Mná na Mara

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas woman’s English Channel swim

Christine Mahoney is pictured second from left

A Naas woman was among a group of female swimmers who succeeded in swimming across the English channel in just under four hours.

Christine Mahoney was a member of the Mná na Mara team, who completed one of the most famous long distance swims in the world, taking a route from Abbot’s Cliff in Dover to Wissant, France.

They did the swim in a time of 13 hours and 45 minutes.

Each of the member of the team swam for an hour at a time and to maintain a pace of at least three kilometres an hour.

They set out at 2am so the first couple of hours of the journey were conducted in complete darkness.

The group reached the shipping lanes as dawn broke and huge cruise ships were visible as well as oil tankers, cargo ships and ferry boats.

The swim took place close to the busiest shipping lane in the world (the Dover Strait) with between 500 and 600 ships passing through each day.

By early afternoon the swimmers could see France but the strong currents and tides dictates their course and added extra miles to the crossing.

However the wind and waves calmed as they approached Wissant to great cheers from all involved with the trip and the local French people watching.