Photography award for Naas woman

Lilian Webb achieved the award for her audio visual work

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Photography award for Naas woman

Lilian Webb with Lorenzo de Francesco and Ian Batemman

Naas woman Lilian Webb has been awarded the Dobson Henry medal for her work in the audio visual field.

Ms. Web is a member of Celbridge Camera Club since September 1998.

The medium of photography she specialises in is audio visual and it is that medium that she has attained her associateship of both the Irish Photographic Federation and The Royal Photographic Society, the latter this month through reciprocal arrangements between both organisations.

When attending and competing in the Royal Photographic Society’s International Audio Visual Festival on Saturday September 22 in Cheltenham, England, she was awarded the Dobson Henry Medal “For Outstanding Contributions to Audio Visual” by the Royal Photographic Society Audio Visual Group. She was presented her medal along with Ian Bateman from England and Chairman of the International Jury of the Festival, and Lorenzo De Francesco from Italy, Director of Audio Visual Services for FIAP, the Federation International de L’Art Photographique.

This medal has been awarded since 1994 to those from England, North of Ireland, Wales, Australia, Russia and Belgium for outstanding contributions in the audio-visual (AV) medium for furthering the activity of the medium and for long service. She has made many contributions to AV activities in Ireland starting with the Photographic Society of Ireland’s AV Group in the mid 1980s. In the slide tape days, when single-projector sequences were still commonplace in the Republic, she would host sessions in her dining room where entrants could come and pulse their sequences for competitions using imatronic setup. She has continued to provide practical help and encouragement to a large number of AV workers over the years, in her own camera club and to members of the wider community in the Irish Photographic Federation. She has also helped to forge and maintain links between

AV activities in the Republic and those in Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK and worldwide including organising exchanges of work between groups in South Africa, Australia and other countries.