Glue and varnish put on slides in major vandalism spree at Maynooth Playground

Council says it cannot continue to fund security company

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Glue and varnish put on slides in major vandalism spree at Maynooth Playground

Aras Chill Dara, Naas

Kildare County Council does not have the money to employ security to protect the Maynooth playground indefinitely, after anti-social behaviour flared up again with vandals putting glue and varnish on the slides, local councillors were told today, October 5.

At their Maynooth Municipal District meeting, there was widespread condemnation of the vandalism.

The Council said it will bring back the security company.

Cllr Tim Durkan’s motion called on all parties to take urgent action to stamp out serious anti-social behaviour at the Maynooth playground.

He said they had found vodka bottles, glue and varnish on the slides and “other items I don’t want to mention but definitely should not be found in a playground.”

Cllr Durkan said the playground needs to be locked at night.

Cllr Teresa Murray said the President of Maynooth Students Union has told them they will try and get students to help with the clean up. She said the placing of glue was very malicious.

Cllr Reada Cronin said the vandalism was mean spirited. “It shows how sick some people are.”

She added;”I don’t believe some young people would go to the toilet in front of someone else. They must have been off their heads.”

Cllr Cronin said “the Gardai will have to step up.”

Cllr Teresa Cronin said there were now three Garda Sergeants at Maynooth and they have asked that one of them become a community sergeant and that there be patrols around the Harbour Field.

In a reply to members, Council Parks official, Simon Wallace said: “Last year a security company was employed for a number of months to open and close the playground. This was to resolve antisocial behaviour and was successful in achieving this. This arrangement was terminated earlier in the summer and no incidences had been reported or noted until last week.”

Mr Wallace continued: “In order to resolve this issue the Council will employ a security company to commence opening and closing again but do not have the resources to do this indefinitely.

“Therefore the Council need assistance from the community in Maynooth to do this long term. The Council will engage with the Maynooth Community Council, Maynooth Planning Alliance to see if this is possible. Additionally greater support from An Garda Siochana is required to assist with this recurring problem.”