Newbridge Tidy Towns look forward to traffic plan being carried out as soon as possible

Volunteers happy with nine point gain

Deaglan De Paor


Deaglan De Paor


Newbridge Tidy Towns look forward to traffic plan being carried out as soon as possible

Newbridge Tidy Town's volunteers on watering duty

Newbridge Tidy Towns Association was very pleased that the town retained its Silver Medal in the National Tidy Towns Competition — achieving silver for the sixth year running.

In welcoming the positive result, the Association’s Chairperson Evonne Boland commented that; “achieving a nine-point increase over the 2017 mark is a reward for the hard work the volunteers have put in throughout the last year, and what was even more encouraging was that the points gain was seen across all categories of the competition.”

The adjudicator awarded two points in the category Green Spaces and Landscaping, noting that the two most significant green spaces include the Liffey Linear Park and the Lakeside/Dara Park parklands.

In relation to the Liffey Linear Park, the adjudicator was impressed with the standard of maintenance and with the ongoing development of this amenity.

Thanks to all who have contributed and who continue to help maintain and develop the Linear Park.

“The adjudicator observed that the Linear Park has been awarded the Green Flag for Parks since the last adjudication visit and we were delighted with the positive comments made with regard to the work being done to enhance biodiversity and this amenity for all” noted Evonne.

Another highlight was a visit to the Newbridge Family Resource Centre and to the nearby lake which was “teaming with wildlife”.

Happily, the level of littering seen in the town was “quite small given the level of footfall and activity present on a daily basis” and in that regard we appreciate the work completed by staff of Kildare County Council daily.

The adjudicator complimented those involved in creating the ‘Newbridge or Nowhere’ mural and admired the floral displays of ‘Newbridge in Bloom’. They also visited and complimented several residential areas, including Connell Drive, Watercress Manor, Great Southern, Baroda Court, Canning Place, The Grange, The Priory & Lakeside Park. The Tidy Towns Association greatly appreciates the continuing commitment of Residents Associations throughout the town.

Approach roads were complimented, particularly the approaches bordered by Old Connell Stud and Pfizer, as was the work being done by the association around eliminating sources of waste – much of which is done in conjunction with the monthly Cottage Market. The adjudicator suggested we commence projects aimed at reducing energy usage and water conservation – something which the Association has been exploring during the summer.

Evonne also stated that “the Tidy Towns Association would agree with the adjudicators suggestion that there is a need for additional cycle lanes, and opportunities exist to develop greenways which would ultimately improve sustainable transport infrastructure in the town”.

The work being undertaken by the Association in conjunction with wildlife groups involved in wildlife surveys and in provision of Swift boxes, bat roosts etc was complimented, as was the extensive bulb planting programme undertaken over the last year.

The adjudicator observed that while Newbridge “has a very vibrant Main Street with many fine business premises and individual shopping centres with a very good mix of older and newer properties”, that there were issues which need to be addressed including excessive signage & advertising, sandwich boards, redundant poles, undergrounding of cabling, chewing gum litter on footpaths and the now redundant water tower.

In particular the adjudicator indicated that the main car park outside Saint Conleth’s Park GAA grounds is in need of improvement and suggested that “Tree planting in traffic islands and along perimeter walls would significantly improve the appearance of this car park”.

The adjudicator recognised the efforts being made by the Association in campaigning on these issues to bring essential improvements to public areas and spaces in the town.

“We would be in full agreement with the adjudicator’s assessment that the long-awaited NTA Transport Plan for Newbridge ‘will enable further improvements to the environment and streetscape of the town’ and we look forward to seeing this key project move forward as soon as possible to allow Newbridge reach its full potential for the benefit of its residents, visitors and business community alike” noted Evonne.

Newbridge Tidy Towns has already commenced a programme of work on projects which will continue throughout the winter “Tidy Towns is a year-round commitment, we welcome anybody with a few hours to volunteer each week”.