Call for speed limit review between Kildare town and Curragh racecourse

Jockeys, stable staff, horses and motorists at risk

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter


Call for speed limit review between Kildare town and Curragh racecourse

Curragh Plains

A call for speed restrictions on the R413 between Kildare Town and the Curragh Racecourse has been made to Kildare County Council.

At the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District meeting on September 19, Cllr Morgan McCabe asked the council to carry out a review of the traffic management system in the area between the hours of 6am to 1pm.

He made the call in a bid to reduce the possibility of an accident between jockeys, stable staff, horses and speeding vehicles.

Cllr McCabe said a lot of people are at risk in the mornings, because of “people speeding recklessly”.

“People don’t realise that there are animals around, and the dark mornings are to make it more difficult,” said Cllr McCabe.

He said with the number of new houses going into the area in the next three years, the problem is only going to get worse.

Cllr Mark Stafford said the base of Moore’s Bridge needs to be addressed.

Cllr Suzanne Doyle suggested an equine crossing be put down. She also commented on Moore’s Bridge, saying the fact it is on a bend causes mayhem and can lead to animals being startled.

A report issued by Kildare County Council said; “Work was carried out during the summer following discussions between the Municipal District Engineer and the Curragh Racecourse and representatives of horse owners and trainers in this area to improve the R413, particularly in the vicinity of the schooling grounds.

“This work included road repairs, surface dressing to restore and seal the road surface and improved road markings to alert oncoming road users and was funded entirely by the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District Office.

“The Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District Office has no further plans in this area. This issue has also been forwarded to the Speed Limit Review team for examination and consideration.

“The Draft County Wide Speed Limit Review will be discussed with the members in October.”

Cllr Sean Power said he was concerned that the council have no further plans in the area.

He said the council should continue to monitor the area.

“It’s a special area and needs special attention,” he said.