Naas man jailed for ten months for trespass, theft charges

Defendant is already service a sentence

Leinster Leader Reporter


Leinster Leader Reporter


Naas man jailed for nine months for trespass, theft charges

The case was heard at Naas District Court yesterday

A Naas man has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to charges relating to trespass and theft at Naas District Court yesterday, Wednesday, September 19.

John Marsden, 39, with an address listed as 19 Ashgrove Drive, Naas is already serving a sentence.

It was alleged that he entered the home of a neighbour of his in Ashgrove on August 27, 2017 and took sleeping tablets and a computer. The neighbour was in his home at the time of the incident.

Representing Mr Marsden, Timmy Kennelly said that his client was looking far better than he had done the last time he saw him.

He said that his client was in the depths of a heroin addiction at the time the offences took place, and that he had put on some weight since going into custody. “He had that gaunt look that heroin users can get,” Mr Kennelly explained.

“It’s turning into a beauty contest in here,” Judge  Desmond Zaidan remarked.

The court heard that Mr Marsden is in the process of selling his house.

“He was doing very well, looking after his family. He bought his house out of a personal injury settlement,” Mr Kennelly explained.

The money from the sale will go to fund looking after his child. The solicitor added how the defendant felt guilty at how bad his life had been in the past while.

“He was in the depths of his addiction at the time of this offence,” he remarked. There have been no incidents that have come to Garda attention since then.

He is currently in custody until October 2019 and not due for release until October  2019. Mr Marsden is using his time in custody well, helping other prisoners with their literacy issues. Mr Kennelly asked Judge Zaidan not to add too much to his sentence.

The Judge gave the defendant a 10 month sentence.