Irish Kidney Association (IKA) gets over 5,000 new donor card requests after Orla Tinsley documentary

Overwhelming response

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Irish Kidney Association (IKA) gets over 5,000 new donor card requests after Orla Tinsley documentary

Orla Tinsley

The Irish Kidney Association (IKA) has confirmed a massive surge in organ donor car requests spurred on by last Monday night's Orla Tinsley documentary.

The IKA has confirmed that there has been an influx of over 5,000 requests for donor cards within the first three days directly following the documentary “Orla Tinsley: Warrior” which aired on RTE One and was followed directly afterwards with an audience discussion on the Claire Byrne Live, also on RTE One, which involved people touched by organ donation. Orla is originally from Newbridge but is currently studying in New York.

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 The requests for donor cards came via Free text and requests to the Irish Kidney Association website    Many individual requests were for multiples of donor cards. The Irish Kidney Association has also received many further requests via email and by phone to its headquarters. 

Mark Murphy, Chief Executive of The Irish Kidney Association, said: “on a normal day we would receive between 20 and 50 requests for organ donor cards. The public’s interest in organ donation has dramatically spiked since CF campaigner Orla Tinsley’s documentary was aired on Monday.

"Such a level of public response has not been seen for almost a decade. Orla’s courage has moved the public in such a powerful and visceral way to support organ donation. This gives hope to the 600 or more people on transplant waiting lists and their families and demonstrates, once again, how powerful individual stories shared by people who have been touched by organ failure and organ donation can capture the public’s empathy.   We hope that the public will continue to have that vital discussion about organ donation with their loved ones and let their wishes be known.” 

‘Orla Tinsley: The Warrior’, documentary was filmed over 14 months in New York and charted Orla’s brave struggle while her CF condition worsened as she awaited a life-saving double lung transplant which finally came following crushing false alarms. 

You can view the Orla Tinsley: Warrior documentary and its studio discussion on RTE One’s Claire Byrne Live Show on RTE Player.  

You can request an organ donor card via the Freetext number, Freetext  DONOR to 50050 or via the Irish Kidney Association website donor-card/    

The ‘digital organ donor card’ is available from the Google playstore or itunes. Your wishes can also be recorded when applying for the new format drivers’ licence and code 115 will be put on your new licence.   To request an Organ Donor Card, click HERE