Kildare baby in care after man said he could not take care of grandchild

Tusla cited 'a serious and immediate risk to the welfare of the child'

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Kildare baby taken into care after man said he could taken care of grandchild

Judge Desmond Zaidan approved the interim care order application

The Child and Family Agency was granted an interim care order for a nine month old baby at Naas District Court yesterday, Wednesday, September 12, after the child’s grandfather told authorities that he could not care for the baby.

The child’s mother is a minor and has a troubled history, having been before Judge Desmond Zaidan before. Tusla has worked to support her in the past and things had improved in recent times, the court was told.

The baby had been in state care before, and had been restored to the mother, but in recent days she had experienced difficulty once again. An incident occured that involved the Gardai and the baby was left in the care of the mother’s father.

However, just yesterday morning her father, the baby’s grandfather, approached the authorities and said that he could not take care of the baby himself and handed his grandchild over to the state.

The mother of the child is a client of solicitor David Powderly, He told the court that “things just happen to her and she loses her direction”.

The court also heard that there were substance abuse issues as well.

A social worker with the Child and Family agency told the court that she believed there was “a serious and immediate risk to the welfare of the child”.

Judge Desmond Zaidan granted the interim order. The matter has been returned to the courts next Tuesday.