Kildare County Council issues advisory on new Naas road

Public urged not to park on the cycling lanes

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Kildare County Council issues advisory on new Naas road

Officials and counsellors at the official opening last Friday of Naas's newest road

Kildare County Council has issued an advisory statement this after reminding the public “of the new road extension which opened last week”.

The new road is known as Devoy Road and runs between the Newbridge Road at Swan Dowlings, past the Council offices and the Osprey Hotel and over to the section of the ring road near Chadwicks and the new housing estate Elsinore.

“This road passes the entrance and exit of the council offices, Áras Chill Dara, Naas,” the statement explained, asking the public to please enter and exit the council car park safely.

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Additionally, drivers “must not park on cycle lanes on the road”.

The official opening of the final section of the Devoy Road in Naas took place last Friday, August 31. Mayor of Naas, Billy Hillis, said it is one of the most significant things that have happened in the town in a long time.

“You’ve got kids that can ride bikes and walk to school here safely, and as well as that anybody coming out of the Council now they need to go south, they can do that now without having to go all the way through to a traffic light that sometimes doesn’t even work”, he told the Leader.

“The tailbacks at the end of this road are horrendous, and the staff can now come in from the south and they won’t even know what Naas looks like”, he added. Cllr Hillis said it wouuld ease the traffic hugely, especially with the new housing massive housing estate going in. 

And he added that this road has been in the pipeline since the last Naas Development Plan.  “Naas won’t get over-developed when you do things like this”, he concluded.

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