Sinn Fein councillors calls for sewage works progress in Newbridge

Town system under major pressure

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Sinn Fein councillors calls for sewage works progress in Newbridge

Flooding in Dara Park Newbridge in November 2017 which was caused by a blocked culvert. However, there are ongoing problems for a number of houses in Dara Park when heavy rain comes

A Sinn Fein councillor has called on Irish Water to urgently progress its plans to relieve the pressure on Newbridge’s sewerage system.

He said he had contacted the company and raised the ongoing issues in Dara Park and other problems people are having around Newbridge with sewage.

“We need these projects moving ASAP to help alleviate already under pressure sewage issues around the town of Newbridge and Athgarvan,” he said.

Irish Water responded by saying it is working in partnership with Kildare County Council to deliver the Upper Liffey Valley Regional Sewerage Scheme Contract No 2B.

“The tender process is underway and tender applications are currently being assessed. Irish Water published a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on 24 July to acquire the necessary lands to facilitate the progression of the project,” said a spokesperson.

“Contract 2B, when completed, is designed to address the wastewater issues in the sewer network in Newbridge, including at Dara Park.”

It said it is also progressing a project in partnership with Kildare County Council called the Upper Liffey Valley Regional Sewerage Scheme Contract 2A which will consist of a new interceptor sewer connecting Newbridge to the wastewater treatment plant at Osberstown.

“This new interceptor sewer must be progressed to enable works in the Contract 2B project to be constructed. These works include a new wastewater pumping station in Southeast Newbridge,” added Irish Water.

“These works will be undertaken pending the outcome of a judicial review which is due before the courts later this year. On that basis, and until such time as the legal proceedings are concluded, it is inappropriate for Irish Water to comment upon proposed timelines for the delivery and completion of contract 2A.”

The company said it understands this is a long standing issue in Newbridge and understands the disruption that can be caused to residents and local business in the town during heavy or persistent rainfall events.

It said there is no other localised short term solution to this problem.

“Irish Water with Kildare County Council have committed to keeping the public network managed and maintained to ensure the least amount of disruption in the interim,” it added.