Kildare man gets barring order against his son

Long term drug addict attacked father with a belt

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Leader Reporter


Kildare man gets barring order against his son

The man was injured by a belt

A Kildare man was granted an interim barring order against his son at Naas District Court last Thursday after he revealed that his son had beaten him with a belt.

The man lifted his shirt to reveal the bruising on his back and arm to Judge Miriam Walsh, and explained that his son has been a long term drug addict and has spent time in jail in the past.

The case was a family law application and the parties cannot be identified.

“I love him with all my heart,” the man told the court. “When he’s good he’s good but when he’s bad, he’s bad.”

He said that his son, who is in his 40’s, cannot read or write. He said that he spent time in care in the past, where he started taking drugs. “He is very easily lead,” he added.

His son, the man said, comes into the home in the early hours of the morning and plays loud music and verbally abuses his father regularly.

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The assault occurred last Tuesday, August 14, when he went to speak to his son in his bedroom. His son retaliated with his belt.

Judge Walsh granted the interim barring order and adjourned the matter back in court next Thursday, August 23.