High apartment rent hikes in Clane


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress



High apartment rent hikes in Clane

Apartments on the ring road in Clane

Clane two-bed apartment monthly rents rose higher than in most main county towns between the first quarter of this year and Q1 2017, analysis by the Leader of Rental Tenancy Board figures shows.

The rent for the two beds has grown 11% to €1,054, a change of €104 over the year.

This was the second highest rise after Athy (11.8%). The county average was a 6.2% increase to €1,021.

The Clane two bed rent has rise 57% from a relative low of €672 in the Q4 2011.

A one bed apartment is cheaper but not by a lot.

In Q3 2017 for which the latest figures are available, the rent of a one bed apartment was €824, compared to €999 for a two bed apartment, which is an actual difference of €175 to the renter.