Newbridge transport plan must be completed urgently, says Kildare TD

Call to the NTA

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Newbridge transport plan must be completed urgently, says Kildare TD


Dep Fiona O’Loughlin is calling for the National Transport Authority (NTA) to commit to finishing the transport plan for Newbridge.

“In November 2017 Kildare County Council announced that they would be commencing a new transport plan for the Newbridge area. I was extremely glad that work on a new traffic management plan for Newbridge was going ahead due to the growing congestion throughout the town on a daily basis,” she said.

She welcomed the increase in proposed new homes but pointed out changes needed to be made to cope with this development.

 “It is welcoming to see increases to the local economy and the building of more houses around the surrounding areas, which are much needed. However, we must ensure that the infrastructure is capable of the influx,” added the Kildare South TD.

“Sexes Bridge is a prime example of an area that needs adjustments. The area around Sarsfields has developed significantly in recent years and yet the only changes to this bridge were adding traffic lights and a footpath.

“The school also adds to the traffic congestion here and not to mention the huge delays experienced at all angles for people crossing the main bridge in the town.” 

She said she has written to the NTA and to Kildare County Council to ensure the transport plan be completed with a matter of urgency.

Local councillors have been calling for the plan to be formulated for some time and the matter is raised at almost every Kildare Newbridge Municipal District Meeting.