Naas councillors don’t want election posters

Poll: Candidate displays may be moved off poles to another location location location

Naas councillors don’t want election posters

Political campaign posters can only be banned from Naas if the politicians agree to it.

The next local elections are due to take place next year and Naas councillor Seamie Moore sought support for the idea of banning posters.

Instead he said the posters should be placed on “billboard type stands” placed in “suitable locations” around Naas,

He told a recent Naas Municipal District meeting these should be erected by the council “to keep the centre of Naas poster free” and this would help the Naas Tidy Towns effort to win more points in the national competition.

But Kildare County Council said the issue of posters is covered by the Litter Pollution Act which says posters can go up no more than 30 days before a poll or, in the case of a referendum, not before the polling order is signed determining the day of the vote. In both instances posters must be removed within seven days of polling day. If this doesn’t happen fines of €150 can be imposed.

Posters must include the name and address of both the printer and publisher and a failure to include this information on the face of a poster is punishable by fine of €635 or three months imprisonment. Posters cannot obstruct a traffic sign or the view of road users.

If the poster rules are to be changed in Naas this would require the agreement of candidates and political parties and would have to be done voluntarily. It has also been pointed out that there will be a cost to changing how and where posters are put up. Most of the councillors are in favour of the idea but Cllr Fintan Brett said the issue needs to be covered by legislation at national level because some candidates will always breach the rule.