No money yet for Kildare roads damaged by weather

Caused by the heavy snowfall earlier this year

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


No money yet for Kildare roads damaged by weather

Naas main street during the snow in March

No money has been provided yet for damage to roads during recent bad weather events.

It’s understood that a considerable about of damage was caused during the heavy snowfall in March.

And this may have been compounded by the exceptionally hot weather more recently.

There are 2,500 kilometres of roadway throughout the county and most of these (1,980 kms or 1,175 miles) are local routes. Because regional roads are more maintained more regularly, the impact on these won’t have been as severe.

Roads, especially in rural areas like Kilteel, Rathmore and Eadestown took the brunt of the damage caused by the bad weather.

The cost of the clearing operations across the county in the aftermath of the weather amounted to about €550,000, a Naas Municipal District meeting was told last week. district engineer David Reel said that the roads “have taken a hit.”

Kildare County council is in the process of preparing an estimate cost of repairing all these roads.

Once this is done a application will made will be made to central government for money to carry out this work.