Call to restore a parking space at Friary Road, Naas

Residential parking

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Call to restore a parking space at Friary Road, Naas

A car park on Friary Road

Kildare County Council has come under pressure to reinstate a residential parking space at Friary Road.

Cllr Anne Breen told a recent Naas Municipal District meeting she was making the request on behalf of a family who have lived there for some years and in particular on behalf of an elderly man, who is unable to use a nearby car park.

She was supported by Cllr Seamie Moore who said the man’s family gave up some ground when the local authority decided to widen the road some time ago.

“He accommodated Naas Town Council previously when Friary Road was widened,” said Cllr Moore.

KCC official Evelyn Wright said it may be possible to use a disability permit or a residents permit.

However, Ms Wright also noted a resident’s permit does not necessarily guarantee the holder a parking space.

Ms Wright said that if the parking bye-laws are changed it could prompt some more similar requests; however a final decision has not yet been made.

According to Kildare County Council there are eight spaces on Friary Road which are short stay.

The objective of this designation is to ensure these are prioritised to support retail and commercial business in the area “by ensuring turnover”.

It was pointed out that this is in line with parking policy, agreed by the councillors.

Kildare County Council also pointed out that free parking is available on Friary Road after 5.30pm from Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday.

Long stay parking is available at Boyle’s car park and Hederman’s car park.