More litter bins are needed for Naas area

Kildare County Council can’t spend extra on waste disposal

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


More litter bins are needed for Naas area

KCC have been asked to provide

There has been criticism of the number of litter bins in place around the Naas area.

Cllr. Carmel Kelly has criticised Kildare County Council’s reluctance to deploy more bins beyond offering to redeploy bins from one area to another or to review street cleaning on a “periodic” basis.

Cllr Kelly asked what “periodic” actually meant and said bins are needed on the Millennium ring road route and along Monread Road.

“There are not enough bins at a time when we are trying to promote walking and cycling and at the same time new houses are going up so the population is increasing,” she said.

Cllr Kelly told last week's Municipal District meeting that there is just a single bin located between Kill GAA centre and Johnstown village.

Another councillor, Fintan Brett, said the hedging along walking routes is “riddled” with bangs of dog dirt. He also said more bins are needed because “people won’t walk one and a half miles with a bad of dig dirt.”

He also said the bins could be put in where there is passive surveillance (where people are present). Alternatively they could be located at places where there are security cameras such as around public venues lake Johnstown Garden Centre.

Cllr Seamie Moore said it appeared that KCC’s has a policy of not providing bins so people will be encouraged to bring rubbish home with them.

Council official Sonya Kavanagh said it is costly to empty bins and the council cannot spend more on waste disposal and human resources than is currently spent.

She also said that if there are locations where bins are not being used they can be relocated to they are needed.