Kildare man charged with attempt to give prisoner heroin in Naas Courthouse

Defendant admits he has lost everything due to drugs

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Leader Reporter


Kildare man charged with attempt to give prisoner heroin in Naas Courthouse

It's alleged the incident took place at Naas Courthouse

A Kill man has appeared in court on charges relating to an attempt to pass heroin to a man who in custody at Naas Courthouse.

It is alleged that Jonathan Blanchfield, 38, with an address listed as 245 Hartwell Green, Kill attempted to pass a quantity of diamorphine (heroin) to Brendan Higginbottom, a man who was in custody at the time, in the foyer of the courthouse on March 2, 2017.

Appearing before Naas District Court last Thursday, July 19, Detective Seamus Doyle gave evidence of arresting the defendant and said that he had no objection to granting Mr Blanchfield bail.

Mr Blanchfield appeared to have difficulty staying awake throughout the hearing. “He’s in his own world,” Judge Zaidan noted.

The court heard that Mr Blanchfield resides with his parents, and is currently on methadone as part of rehabilitation from a heroin addiction.

Judge Zaidan asked Mr Blanchfield why he didn’t just quit all drugs. “You can’t just stop methadone, just like that. You’d go into total detox. You’d need to be supervised properly,” the defendant said.

He told the court he started sniffing gas at the age of 12. He was in a gang of his peers at the time, and eight of the ten of them are now dead. He said he wouldn’t wish drug addiction on his worst enemy.

“I was a qualified electrician, but I lost it all,” he admitted to the court. 

The matter was adjourned to allow for preparation of the case. Mr Blanchfield is charged with possession of the drug and possession with intent to supply.