Sewer maintenance being carried out in Newbridge

Works being carried out at night in Newbridge

Leader reporter


Leader reporter


Sewer maintenance being carried out in Newbridge


Ongoing sewer maintenance is being carried out at night in Newbridge.

Irish Water said surveys are being carried out to enable it to pinpoint cracked, broken or obstructed sewers that need to be repaired.

“Defects in sewers include the build-up of debris and foreign objects such as stones, bottles, baby wipes, accumulating fats and greases, intruding tree roots all of which if not removed will ultimately cause the sewer to block and overflow causing localised sewer flooding. A number of structural defects will also be repaired such as cracked, fractured and broken pipelines and defective connections,” it said.

These works are required to protect the network against failure and sewer flooding.

Help prevent issues

“To help prevent blockages in the sewer network Irish Water is asking the public to retrain from putting items into the sewer such as fats, greases and baby wipes and follow the advice in the Think Before You Flush and Think Before You Pour campaigns,” it added.

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