It's official - Kildare temperatures hit 31 degrees yesterday

Reading recorded at IPCC in Lullymore

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter


Its official - Kildare temperatures hit 31 degrees yesterday

Kildare is sizzling

It’s hot hot hot in Kildare this week with temperatures officially hitting 31 degrees yesterday and 30 degrees on Tuesday. 

These temperatures were taken at the Irish Peatland Conservation Council, based in Lullymore. It recorded highest average temperatures of 27 degrees in Kildare last weekend and the mercury kept rising all week. This weather monitoring station feeds data into Met Eireann and today is expected to be even hotter.     

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Met Eireann’s Yellow high temperature warning is in place until tomorrow, Friday,June 26 at 9pm. 

According to Met Eireann, temperatures are due to peak today and tomorrow.

While many are basking during the soaring temperatures, animals will struggle in the sun. 

The Kildare Animal Foundation, an animal rescue charity based in Kildare town, are urging people to be mindful of their pets in the heat.

“With regards to dogs and cats, try and not let them out too much. When you’re bringing your dog for a walk make sure it’s evening or early morning when the sun isn’t as hot as during the day”, said Michele Kennan volunteer with KAF.

The Foundation are asking people to keep their pets indoors as much as possible, and if outside make sure there is enough shade.

“The tarmac and cement can actually burn their paws because it gets that hot, and people don’t realise that”, Michelle added.

She said it's a good idea to put ice into dishes of water because it will keep it cool for longer.

“Whatever you do, never leave a dog in the car and pop into the shops, because they overheat so quickly, and they can’t sweat like ourselves,” Michelle concluded.

The Peter McVerry Trust, the charity which operates Kildare’s homeless services, say they have put measures in place to assist clients during the heatwave.  

“All residents in our hostels will have access to sun cream and aftersun but we are advising people to limit their exposure to the sun as a precautionary measure. People will also be supported by way of additional availability of bottled water for when they are outside the services. 

“Our staff will as usual being keeping a close eye on people’s needs and ensure anyone adversely affected by prolonged periods in the warm weather receives the appropriate care and attention.”