Talks are taking place about a park and ride in Naas area

Thousands of commuters face traffic congestion daily

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Talks are taking place about a park and ride in Naas area

M7: File Photo

A park and ride facility which could save many thousands of commuters a daily drive to work in Dublin is being considered.

It’s early stages yet — but talks have taken place about providing a place where commuters can leave their cars before taking public transport to Dublin.

Well more than half of the population of Naas work in Dublin.

Naas councillor Seamie Moore has been pressing for a park and ride, which he said could be built off any of the interchanges on the west side of the M7 in the Naas area.

He said this could create “Ireland’s biggest motorway park”, and the planning work would involve Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the National Roads Authority and the Dublin Transport Authority as well as Kildare County Council.

He told a recent Naas Municipal District meeting that this wold facilitate “essential vehicle movement on a less congested motorway to Dublin”.

According to KCC “exploratory discussions are ongoing” about future potential park and rade facilities “in the Naas/M7 environs.”

Referring to the route as a “big moving car park”, Cllr Moore said everyone is aware how congested it is.

“The congestion is already there before traffic even reaches the outskirts of Naas. It is stressful for motorists and it doesn’t encourage anybody to to take a job in Dublin.

“We need to encourage more use of public transport,” said Cllr Moore.

Donnelly Mirrors

Another councillor, Sorcha O’Neill, suggested that the derelict Donnelly Mirrors site could be used, or possibly a site near Goffs on the outskirts of Kill.

“The area between Naas and Kill is a choke point and traffic comes to a complete standstill for capacity reasons,” said Cllr O’Neill.