Two bus shelters on the way to Sallins


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Two bus shelters on the way to Sallins

File Photo: Sallins

Two new bus shelters are to be erected in Sallins.

Kildare County Council has indicated that a public consultation process is not necessary — and this should speed up the arrival of the shelters.

They will located on both sides of the road at the existing bus stops between the canal bridge and petrol station in the centre of the town.

Sallins Community Council chairman Fergus Carpenter said the SCC has campaigned for the shelters.

“We were already of the view that the bus stop on the side opposite Gala was not appropriate and should be moved. National Roads Authority guidelines advise that bus bays be located after traffic lights rather than before, so we are recommending that KCC / NTA move that bus stop about 100 metres to outside the chiropractor/Annie’s shop; this would also facilitate the provision of a safe bus bay,” he said.

He added the location of the current bus stop probably predates the construction of some residential areas in the town.