UPDATE KILDARE TRAFFIC ALERT: Deer moved off road near Big Ball in Naas

Take care

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter



KILDARE TRAFFIC ALERT: Deer on the road near the Big Ball in Naas

The "Big Ball" roundabout

Drivers traveling near the Big Ball in Naas should take care as motorists have reported there is a deer on the road.

One motorist saw the animal on the road near the Odeon Cinema and it was making its way back towards the roundabout. 

Naas gardai have been notifed. Take care in the area. 

UPDATE 11.35am: The deer which startled motorists traveling on the outskirts of Naas has now been heralded to safety by Andy Cullen of the Dublin Husky Rescue Centre. 

"I couldn't believe it," said Andy, "I was traveling down past the Odeon when I came across him on the road. I turned around and managed to get him into Fishery Lane and he jumped over the bollards and is now out in the wasteland there."