Athgarvan locals asked to get footage of traffic tailbacks to highlight road safety concerns

Planning appeal deadline looming

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Athgarvan locals asked to get footage of traffic tailbacks to highlight road safety concerns

File photo: Athgarvan

Athgarvan locals are being asked to capture footage of the traffic tailbacks in the village over the next two days as the local Development Committee prepares to make An Bord Pleanála aware of its concerns in relation to a proposed development. 

The committee said the board will accept visual imagery such as video, drone usage, digital images as part of its observation however it must be on a DVD or USB.  

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The committee said it only made aware this footage was an option yesterday, so it only has Thursday and Friday to capture the traffic, health and safety issues, and car parking issues on camera. 

"We ask all of you to please use your mobiles when out and about over the next few days and provide them to us for inclusion in the observation," said a spokesperson.

"These issues are throughout the day, however, early morning (up to 9.30am), lunch time, school collection time from Athgarvan, and from 4.30pm onwards are the key times to capture the problems. Please help the committee demonstrate the issues for Monday."

Thoval Properties Ltd has appealed Kildare County Council's refusal of a residential and commercial development at Doyle’s corner.

It wants to build a mixed use development with 12 units including a corner shop unit, ten apartments, a medical suite unit, and the demolition of a derelict building on the Kilcullen Road. The plans, which were revised on foot of further information, include a change in car parking arrangements and the lowering of the height of the building on Kilcullen Road and Curragh Road.

The appeal was lodged on May 28 and locals who raised concerns, were informed by the council of the appeal on June 6. Ten submissions were received on the original file. That gives them until next Monday June 25 to get their submissions in before the board make their decision. 

The Athgarvan Development Committee have been fighting for amenities for the village. Following a number of public meetings, the committee submitted its wish list for amenities and infrastructure to the council in the wake of a number of planning developments proposed for the area.

Another development proposed by Jim Rainsford at the Athgarvan Inn is also been adjudicated by An Bord Pleanála.

A spokesperson for the local group said the outcome from the board on both developments will define and shape the future of Athgarvan. The committee has questioned the justification for upgrading the village to town status and the need for the proposed developments.