Croí Laighean receives east Africans at Coill Dubh

Impressed with work with schools

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Croí Laighean receives east Africans at Coill Dubh

Pauline O'Flanagan, Head of Regulation and Niamh Kelly of CLCU with African delegation

Croí Laighean Credit Union hosted a delegation of credit union leaders from East Africa recently.

On Tuesday, May 29, the delegation, representing credit union movements in Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania, visited the Coill Dubh office.

The group discussed best practice in day-to-day credit union operations, including risk management, regulation, marketing and process of merging credit unions with Croi Laighean.

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The visit to Ireland was organised and hosted by the Irish League of Credit Unions International Development Foundation.

The African group was on week-long study tour.

The visit incorporated a mix of workshops, trainingsessions and field visits to credit unions. During the visit to Croí Laighean, credit union staff shared experiences, information and guidance with the delegation on a variety of topics.

Niamh Kelly, marketing manager, CLCU, said. “We were delighted to welcome the international delegation from East Africa and share information on how Croí Laighean has grown over the last few years.

Building a culture

Edith Roith, credit manager, Boresha Credit Union, Kenya, was very grateful to the staff in Croí Laighean. “We have learned a lot from the credit union, we have learned a lot on mergers and learned so much about risk management.

“I am impressed with the work they do with the schools, and how the credit union are building a culture of savings among young people.”