Labour seeks design changes to 135 Maynooth apartment proposals

Mill Street development

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Labour seeks design changes to 135 Maynooth apartment proposals

File photo of construction

Kildare North Labour General Election Candidate Emmet Stagg and his colleagues Cllr. John McGinley and Local Labour Area Representative Angela Feeney have lodged a submission with An Bord Pleanala in relation to the proposal to build 135 apartments in three blocks on Mill Street, Maynooth.

The site is adjoining St. Mary's Catholic Church. The local politicians want changes to be made in the design to ensure the proposal reflects the unique architectural character of Maynooth Town.

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Mr. Stagg stated that the Maynooth Local Area Plan 2013-2019 is very clear that the unique character of Maynooth as a University Town steeped in history and heritage must be protected.

The site of the proposal for 135 apartments is stated Mr. Stagg zoned Town Centre and the primary objective of this zoning is the protection and enhancement of the special character of Maynooth Town Centre.

The proposal as it stands stated Mr. Stagg is not acceptable and requires modification from a visual point of view.

To reflect the existing historic character of the Town, from a visual point of view Mr. Stagg and his colleagues have suggested the following changes to the development.

"To take the blunt and bare look off the apartment blocks, pitched roofs should be provided on each of the three blocks. The previous planning permission on this site (05/2420) included pitched roofs on the blocks of apartments," he said.

"To reflect the unique character of Maynooth Town Centre, the Blocks facing onto Mill Street, shall be finished with a mixture of cut stone, plaster/dashing. Modern materials should not be used, and neither shall stone cladding be used as it has been on the ugly Manor Mills Development."

He also suggested Stone Quions should be incorporated a the corner of the blocks to give a defined edge to the buildings.

In conclusion Mr Stagg stated that he hoped An Bord Pleanala would take on board Labour's concerns in relation to the proposal as "we do not want a repeat of the disastrous Manor Mills development in Maynooth."