Sallins houses cause concern about road safety and accessibility

Residents worried

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Sallins houses cause concern

Cecilia Hussey, who is concerned about accessibility

Residents in Liffey Avenue, Castlefen Estate, Sallins have expressed concern over plans by Kildare County Council and Túath Housing to build 29 new homes in the area. They say a number of problems already exist, including road safety and accessibility for disabled residents.

At the same time Sallins Community Council has reservations on safety grounds.

“Because there are already lots of children playing along the road and the plan is to put in more residents with fewer parking spaces, parking is likely to become chaotic and lead to a less safe environment for children” explained Labour area rep Fergus Carpenter.

“The residents on Liffey Avenue are not objecting to the new houses and we know they are badly needed, but residents should not be losing parking spaces because of it.

“On this small road there are two residents who use a wheelchair: they are quite distressed at the thought that the already challenging job of getting from their car to their homes is about to become even more difficult as they may not get parking beside their homes” said Mr Carpenter.

Cecilia Hussey, a resident of Liffey Avenue, said she is concerned about parking. “I am very worried because there is only one parking bay next to our apartment. I use a mobility scooter to get about to the shops when my partner is not around. I couldn’t walk to the car if it was parked any further away than where it is now.”

Another resident of Liffey Avenue Pat Armstrong is a disabled badge owner and uses a walking frame.

He said: “I am very worried I will not be able to park next to my apartment, it is difficult for me to walk to my car”.

Mr. Carpenter added: ““KCC should provide a pedestrian controlled crossing with a central island (due to the width of the road) at this estate. In addition, traffic calming measures should be built at the entrance to Sallins from the Clane side as no ‘gateway’ exists to slow drivers down entering from a rural road.

“While the quality of the housing and location are attractive, the dangers faced by children each day would make this a far less attractive place to live.”

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