Naas town centre cobble lock paths will be restored when cable work finishes

Assurances given

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas town centre cobble lock paths will be restored when cable work finishes

This tarmacadam will be removed

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

That’s the message from Kildare County Council after residents and politicians expressed concern about the condition of some of the footpaths in Naas town centre.

It follows complaints about the paths as work takes place to move utility cables underground.

As part of the work sections of the cobble lock paving were taken up and replaced with tarmacadam.

“This (the tarmac) is a temporary reinstatement and will not be left as it is,” David Reel, district engineer, told a Naas Municipal District meeting.

Work to place electricity cables under the ground started early last month.

Dublin-based contractor Richard Nolan Civil Engineering said the work would take place over the course of a number of weeks.

It is being undertaken on behalf of the ESB and involves “essential trenching and ducting works”.

The work is happening along sections of footpath but access and egress is being accommodated at all times, to ensure pedestrians are facilitate.

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Naas councillor Seamie Moore campaigned for the work to be done and for money to be put aside to pay for it.

He has pointed out that similar work has been done in other towns in the county.

And these include as Clane and Maynooth.

He said the cables and poles are damaging the appearance of the town.

He also said they have been taken away in many other towns

He believes it will make the town more attractive and could contribute to bringing more people into the town centre to shop.

Some years ago an estimate to do the work came in at €5m. Cllr Moore says that the work need not cost as much as this because the estimate was produced at a time when projects like this cost much more to complete than today.

He also said that advances in technology mean that it is no longer to dig up the street to the same extent as in the past.