Kildare County Council rule out traffic lights at Leinster Aqueduct

Traffic problems on the canal route

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Kildare County Council rule out traffic lights at Leinster Aqueduct

Previous repairs were carried out the Leinster Aqueduct

Traffic lights have been effectively ruled out as a long-term solution to traffic problems on the canal route between Digby Bridge and Osberstown near Naas.

Sallins councillor Carmel Kelly said lights should be used to control the increasing volumes of traffic using the route between Osberstown Road and Digby Bridge on the canal.

Cllr. Kelly also said the wall is a unique structure “which needs to be protected.”

A bridge wall close the Leinster Aqueduct along the route was damaged twice by vehicles this year.

And on the second occasion, the damage occurred only days after the bridge reopened following the initial incident in January.

The incidents have led to calls from another councillor Seamie Moore that the route be confined to cars.

At a Naas Municipal District meeting last week, district engineer David Reel said discussions are ongoing with Waterways Ireland (which manages the canal system) with a view to arranging a comprehensive repair project.

Mr. Reel said residents are being consulted and added that it is proposed to repair the wall and to improve the alignment of the road “but we need to plan for this.”

Mr. Reel also said that the council is looking at a “low cost solution.”

And thiseffectively means that traffic lights are not being considered at the location.

“This (erecting traffic lights) would cost more.”

He added the solution is “not as simple as banging in a couple of traffic lights and away we go”.

He indicated that the width of the road militated against the notion of using traffic lights.

He said KCC imposed a 3.5 tonne vehicle weight restriction after the route reopened and “if this was observed there wouldn’t be bridge strikes”.

He said the real issue at the location is people driving past weight restriction signs and ignoring them.

Cllr Seamie Moore was also against traffic lights at the location.

“It’d be a pity to bring in traffic lights, we should look at other ways of slowing down the traffic instead of lights,” he added.

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