Modest increase in Clane house prices in first three months of 2018

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Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Modest increase in Clane house prices in first three months of 2018

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There has been some increase in the price of houses in the Clane town area in the first quarter of this year, compared to Q1 of 2017.

A look at sales figures from the official Property Price Register shows that the difference is not too high, assuming that on average the houses are of a smiliar kind.

There were 33 sales in Q1 this year , which was a 27% increase on the twenty six sales in Q1 2017.

The total paid for residences this year was €9.4m, up 29% on the €7.4m last year.

The average price paid in 2018 for these 33 homes was €285,978, which is 5.5% ahead of the average of €270,987 forked out for the 26 in Q1 2017.

The Leader also looked at the median price, a type of alternative of average, below which and above which, respectively, half of all houses are priced.

The median price in Q1 was €286,000, which was 6.7% higher than the price tag of €268,032 in Q1 2017.

Looked at another way, almost 70% of all houses are priced betgween €372,135 and €199,821 in the last quarter while the same proportion (68%) were priced betgween €387,567 and €154,407 last year.

Equality in house prices in Clane appears to have increased this year, with the standard deviation 30% of the average prices this year comapred to 43% in Q1 2017.

Overall, one thid of the houses in Q1 2018 were priced at €250,000 or under.

Examples of houses in the €250,000 include one at Hillview. Another, in the Loughbollard estate, came in at €225,000.

One at Brooklands was sold for €220,000. There were five of the 33 properties sold at prices up to €200,000.

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