Kildare County Council confirms status of ancient Naas castle


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Kildare County Council confirms status of ancient Naas castle

St. David's Castle site is located just off Market Square, Naas

Kildare County Council says it has met the owner of the historic St. David’s Castle site pointing out that the monument is protected.

According to KCC, a site meeting has taken place and the council’s conservation officer advised that the monument is a protected structure in an architectural conservation area and “that the owner had a statutory duty of care to prevent the monument and protected strcuture from becoming endangered.”

The premises was sold over a decade ago and might well have been developed but for the economic collapse which followed.

It is understood that, because of its architectural/historic significance, an offer was made at time to sell the site to the then Naas Town Council but the council did not buy it.

The buildings are many centuries old and have inevitably fallen into decline.

A year ago Labour councillor Anne Breen asked for the buildings to be maintained in keeping with its status as a listed building.

KCC’s maintians a record of protected structures across the county and lists many buildings in the area.

These include the Church of Ireland church building, the Presbyterian church and Abbey Bridge,as well as Butt Mullins restaurant, Hayden’s pub and St. Patrick’s Monastery at Friary Road.